Business Name: Odessey Corporation

Business Segment: MBA Fakhro / Greenfield Capital / Internet of Things

Year Founded: 2018

Fund Name: MBA Fakhro Two

Ownership: MBA Fakhro Two owns 100% of Odessey Corporation


Business Overview: Odessey is focused on developing smart glasses hardware and software for various industries and for recreational use. Smart glasses emerged as a category in 2013 but have yet to be effectively commercialized. Odessey aims to do this by utilizing its own technology and by leveraging the technology of other companies. The business is Singapore-based and aims to grow with the rapidly growing industry. Multiple uses for smart glasses are expected to emerge over the coming years with the advent of 5G including AR, VR, and other applications. Smart Glasses are also expected to be widely adopted in commercial applications across multiple industries including medical, sports, industrial, retail, education, military, law enforcement, among others.