MBA Fakhro is a Bahrain-based company focused on redefining banking around the world.

Our mission is multifold across a number of financial verticals. It revolves around the following four key strategic objectives: 1) To be a leader in global venture building in technology and franchising under our Venture Building unit; 2) To invest in technology startups (CRISPR, Web3, Genomics, AI, 3D Printing, Metaverse) across the world through our Venture Capital unit; 3) To be a leading investment bank through our Investment Banking unit, in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) region, involved in M&A, Equity Financing, and Underwriting for our regional clients; 4) To be a full-fledged global crypto bank, that is a disruptor of finance and a leader in banking innovation – an effort led by our Retail Banking, Merchant Banking, Financial Transactions, and Fractional Ownership units.

Our vision is to emulate the successes of companies that have pioneered banking innovation and the spirit for enterprise in past centuries but to do so with a modern twist. We aspire to emulate the great pioneers of our industry such as JP Morgan in the late 19th and early 20th century, and NM Rothschild in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. We aspire to achieve their prominence in the 21st century and beyond, but with a modern twist, by utilizing advances in financial technologies (fintech) and advances in artificial intelligence.

We aspire to be a blend between today’s titans of banking and yesterday’s; a blend between merchant banking, fintech, investment banking, venture capital, and venture building. We are part JP Morgan and part Ant Group; part Kleiner Perkins and part Paypal; part Goldman Sachs and part Revolut; part NM Rothschild and part Softbank. We aspire to be the embodiment of the future of finance and banking, and yet at one with its past. At the cusp of modernity and yet steeped in tradition. Such is what defines us and what will continue to set us apart.

We are like Virgin Group in that we serially become residual owners of enterprises that we formed. We are like Idealab, in that we aspire to change the world positively through entrepreneurship in technology. Unlike both though, we place a greater emphasis on finance and banking as a central theme of our collective efforts. We invest in new technologies, but against the backdrop of being first and foremost a banking institution and a financial intermediary that allocates capital in a way that maximizes profits as well as maximizing the efficiency of the economies in which we partake. In addition to being a financial intermediary for excess funds from the global economy towards growth equity in technology, we also aim to utilize advances in financial technology to allow for the flow of capital around the world more cheaply, efficiently, and transparently. In our role as financial intermediaries, we also found or acquire franchises in different markets.

We are a Bahrain-based multinational investment bank and financial services holding company. We have offices in Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Kerala, Shenzhen, Cape Town, Dubai, Riyadh, Tel Aviv, Bahrain, Shanghai, Cambridge, New York, Cairo, London, and Singapore.

We aspire to grow dynamically in the field of money and banking. Our long-term objective is to be amongst the world’s top banking firms in terms of book value, assets under management, revenue, net profits, or economic significance, by 2088 (the 200th anniversary of the founding of the first Fakhro company in 1888).

While we are a firm that is headquartered in Bahrain in the traditional sense, most of our work happens in “the cloud”, with core functions spread out around the world. We all communicate with one another across different time zones in real-time, through a number of secure communication systems.

Our activities fall under the following segments: 1) Venture Building, 2) Venture Capital, 3) Capital Markets, 4) Retail Banking, 5) Real Estate Capital, 6) Private Equity, 7) Investment Banking, 8) Hedge Funds, 9) Merchant Banking 10) Insurance, 11) Financial Transactions, 12) Heritage Capital, 13) Financial Data, 14) Fractional Ownership, 15) Crypto Currency.

Our core economic objective is to achieve extraordinary banking returns by predicting macroeconomic trends and allocating capital to monetize those predictions.