The Venture Building unit of MBA Fakhro consists of the financial capital that we allocate to new businesses that we form from the ground up around the world. These businesses are formed at our offices in Bahrain, Kerala, Bangalore, Silicon Valley, or Shenzhen. All of the companies under the Venture Building unit are wholly owned by MBA Fakhro.

Our Venture Building unit operates globally. Our process of deciding on what venture to build next starts with an assessment of the macroeconomic landscape. We attempt to predict macroeconomic trends, and to allocate capital to monetize those predictions.

One of our predictions is that technological progress will lead to the formation of new industries at an increasing rate going forward. We believe that this will create opportunities for us to invest in R&D to create market leaders in what we believe will be the major industries of the future. As part of this process, we have initiated multiple businesses around the globe in fields including artificial intelligence, machine learning, biotech, business automation software, fintech, electric cars, drones, websites, apps, greentech, and the internet of things. We utilize our infrastructure of offices in the US, India, the Middle East, and China for this purpose, in order to create world class businesses that emerge from our R&D labs to be exceptional global enterprises.

Another of our macroeconomic predictions, is that consumers in emerging markets will increasingly move away from homegrown brands, and towards major global brands as a result of globalization. As a part of this hypothesis we have worked to create businesses that act as franchisees or licensees of major global brands in education, health, and foods in different emerging markets within the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia region.

If an invention or innovation that we devise shows promise, or if we feel a franchise or licensing relationship meets our criteria in terms of business philosophy and return on investment, then we form a wholly-owned subsidiary company to own the rights to the proprietary information, and recruit a great team to make the business a success.

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