Business Name: Phoenix Rising Group

Business Segment: MBA Fakhro / Venture Building / Infrastructure

Year Founded: 2017

Fund Name: MBA Fakhro Two

Ownership: MBA Fakhro Two owns 100% of Phoenix Rising Group


Business Overview: Phoenix Rising Group, based out of Cambridge in the UK, was formed by MBA Fakhro Group to bring innovative environmental industries to the world, to allow the stakeholders of the business to benefit financially while also benefitting the environment. The following projects are planned:

  • Tire Recycling: Phoenix Rising Group is testing a number of exciting possibilities to improve the usability of recycled tires in everyday applications. This will allow Phoenix Rising Group, with UK & EU approval to license its technology to help to eliminate the used tire problem in the World.
  • Smart Glass: Phoenix Rising Group is in the process of forming Europa Smart Glass, to pioneer the field of smart glass solutions in the European market for both interior and exterior surfaces. Smart Glass is electrically switchable glass that can, with the touch of a button, reduce the amount of light transmitted through a glass surface, thereby reducing the amount of energy needed to cool.
  • Solar: Phoenix Rising Group is in the process of establishing patented technology to enhance the ability of solar panels to accept sunlight, thereby improving the conversion of sunlight to energy.