The Genomics business segment of the Life Sciences division of MBA Fakhro aims to utilize advances in genomics to create business gains while also helping to enhance human well-being by helping to treat genetic diseases. The sequencing of the human genome and the emergence of various CRISPR technologies have made it possible to imagine a world in which genes that have faulty DNA base pair sequences can be treated or repaired. The goals of our Genomics businesses are multifold. We aim to analyze and diagnose the genomes of humans. We aim to utilize our expertise in genomics to develop protein and antibody medicines. Finally, provided it is in line with internationally accepted laws and ethics, we aim to use genomics technologies to edit the DNA in individuals to repair variations in their genetic code that would make them at risk of genetic diseases.

The Genomics business segment consists of the following businesses:

C3 (Cure Cancer Company)


Splice Systems