Business Name: Nafaneef

Business Segment: MBA Fakhro / Greenfield Capital / Ecommerce

Year Founded: 2017

Fund Name: MBA Fakhro Two

Ownership: MBA Fakhro Two owns 100% of Nafaneef


Business Overview: Nafaneef is an online marketplace focused on fashion in the Middle East & North Africa. The word Nafaneef means dresses in Arabic and the focus of this entity is to create a marketplace for buyers and sellers of dresses in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA).  After a long lag, e-commerce has finally started to take off in the MENA region.  The Amazon acquisition of for 600 Million US Dollars in 2018 was an affirmation of the size and scope for e-commerce in the MENA region.  In the UAE alone, e-commerce is expected to grow to over 20 Billion US Dollars by 2022.