Our fractional ownership activities involve the purchase of assets, division, and sale on a fractional ownership basis to multiple buyers. This concept, also known as time shares, allows individuals or companies to own assets for a fixed number of hours or days per year. Assets for which this service is available include holiday homes, private islands, jets, and yachts. We utilize blockchain technology to ensure transparency and trust.

The future opportunity for this line includes the use of blockchain to allow buyers to own a fraction of an asset that is purchased or financed by MBA Fakhro.  The list of possibilities for this is endless but it could involve assets like art, buildings, roads, apartments, or any other asset.  This would allow any investor to have a diversified portfolio of, say, property, by owning 1% of 100 apartments instead of one apartment and to receive the rental revenue through smart contracts.  This can allow any private asset to be tradable much more easily than previously.  

We aim to be a gateway, financier, or underwriter of these opportunities by buying assets and then selling them fractionally both at bank.mbafakhro.com as well as on the MBA Fakhro app.

In addition to creating our own products under this category, we will also create an online fractional ownership exchange to allow for the trading of fractionally owned assets using blockchain.  This fractional ownership exchange will be available at bank.mbafakhro.com or by downloading the MBA Fakhro app.