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Press Release Reference Number: MBA2020091601

Title: MBA Fakhro Set to Launch Clicks to Rival Tiktok in India

Date: 16 September 2020

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MBA Fakhro has announced the launch of Clicks in India, to offer a social media alternative to Tiktok fans who are no longer able to access the service because of the boycott of China apps in India. The Indian government recently banned Tiktok, citing national security concerns.

Clicks, available online at or on the Google Play Store, is set to launch in the coming days in its beta version. It limits videos to 15 seconds and features a number of creator tools to enhance the social media experience for users.

A number of apps have launched recently in the short format segment with music, and this has proven particularly popular with a new generation of social media enthusiasts.

Clicks also allows users to record using music and to access a library of songs from India and around the world.

Clicks forms a part of the Social Networks business of MBA Fakhro, a multinational group focused primarily on contributing to the world by creating inventions and innovations.  The group operates across the globe with operations in India, the United States, and the Middle East, among others.