MBA Fakhro has announced that it has opened its office on Sand Hill Road, the hub of the Silicon Valley venture capital industry. The office will make venture capital investments in the San Francisco Bay Area of California (Silicon Valley). It will also act as the entity responsible for the formation, expansion, and management of the Greenfield Capital companies of MBA Fakhro in the US (the entities created and built by the company).

Silicon Valley’s startup ecosystem is one of the most vibrant in the world. Home to tech giants such as Apple, Facebook, and Google, as well as thousands of entrepreneurs and start-ups, Silicon Valley is a breeding ground for innovation and creativity. And now, there’s a new addition to Silicon Valley’s venture capital and venture building scene: MBA Fakhro. The new office will house a team of experienced investors and engineers who will work with startups and end customers to help them take advantage of the latest advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence, CRISPR, Web3, and genomics.

MBA Fakhro operates under a number of financial verticals including Greenfield Capital, Venture Capital, Investment Banking, and Crypto Banking in a number of markets.  The company’s vision is to redefine banking around the world and to emulate the successes of companies that have pioneered banking innovation and the spirit for enterprise in past centuries.  Its Venture Capital unit invests in early-stage start-ups out of its offices in the United States, India, the Middle East, and China.

The company aspires to change the world positively through entrepreneurship in technology. It places an emphasis on finance and banking as a central theme of its collective efforts. It invests in new technologies, but against the backdrop of being first and foremost a banking institution and a financial intermediary that allocates capital in a way that maximizes profits.

Mo Fakhro founded MBA Fakhro the day he graduated from Stanford University in Silicon Valley, and became the first Bahraini ever to have attained an undergraduate degree from Stanford.  Stanford is a renowned institution that was attended by many of the world’s top entrepreneurs in technology including Elon Musk, Sergey Brin, Jerry Yang, Bill Hewlett, and many others.  He aspires to prove, through MBA Fakhro, that it is possible to be a Middle East rooted company that excels through intellect, and to prove to the youth of the region that the science books that they learn from in school are in fact useful to their future careers and lives, and can be used to create great products and services that change the world for the better.