Press Release

Press Release Reference Number: MBA2020062001

Title: Lepton Robotics Set to Launch

Date: 20 June 2020

MBA Fakhro is set to launch a robotics business in Silicon Valley and Shenzhen as a part of its new push into the consumer electronics business segment. 

The robotics industry has developed significantly in recent years. Robots are now increasingly prevalent in the consumer electronics space, and the industry is expected to continue to grow significantly over the coming years.  A recent study by Oxford University estimates that by 2040, almost half of all current US occupations will become automated.

MBA Fakhro plans for Lepton Robotics to design, assemble, and manufacture robotics products between Silicon Valley and Shenzhen, with overall supervision from Bahrain.  The products, once complete, will be sold around the world through a network of resellers.  The initial focus will be on robotic vacuum cleaners and robotic pets.  Over time, the plan is for Lepton Robotics to be at the center of the robotics revolution by investing in new ways to make robots able to mimic tasks currently performed by humans.

Commenting on the milestone, a spokesperson for MBA Fakhro said: “We want to do things that capture people’s imaginations and expand their horizons about what is possible from a company from the Middle East.  The Arab World is a great place with amazing people who can achieve whatever they set their minds to, and Bahrain especially has enormous potential because of our high education standards and our outstanding governmental leadership and vision.  We want the generations of the future to believe what is possible and to see relatable success stories in global innovation to emulate.  MBA Fakhro aims to lead the way for others to follow by proving that if you can dream it, you can achieve it.  The robotics industry is a cutting-edge space.  We need to think about how to position ourselves to be a part of the industries of the future”.

MBA Fakhro is an innovation focused multinational group, headquartered in Bahrain.  The company operates wholly owned businesses in various markets around the world.  MBA Fakhro aspires to change the world positively through innovation, and is a pioneer of research and development with many success stories through its R&D efforts in its information technology business segment, with innovative businesses like a marketplace app named Dukakeen, and a human capital management software business with AI capabilities named Artify HCM.  Both businesses were born out of its research and development labs and are now present across many markets.  It also owns an ecommerce marketplace platform focused on Africa named NileBuy, and one focused on India named BombayBuy.  Its research and development labs and innovation efforts form the core of the group across all of its business segments and represent the engine that creates many of the new businesses of the group.  In addition to information technology and consumer electronics, the group also operates under the business segments of foods, infrastructure, education, health, media, mobility, and real estate. 

Lepton Robotics falls within the group’s future vision of creating better user experiences for people around the world through inventions and innovations.  Lepton Robotics falls under the consumer electronics business segment of MBA Fakhro that is also working at the R&D stage on other projects that are yet to be announced, including its Odessey project, which relates to smart glasses prototypes that will enhance people’s ability to interact with their computers through their eyewear.