Press Release

Press Release Reference Number: MBA2020101001

Title: CRISPR R&D Effort Launched

Date: 10 October 2020

MBA Fakhro has today announced the launch of its CRISPR R&D effort. It aims to use this emerging technology to develop its C3 business. C3, short for Cure Cancer Company, is an MBA Fakhro effort to find cures for different types of cancers. Improvements in gene editing technology have made it feasible to imagine a world in which people who are at risk of getting cancer can edit their genes to fix any genetic ailments before they appear.

MBA Fakhro aims to form a biochemistry lab in India to begin to work on using CRISPR Cas9 to develop its C3 effort. This is a long term project that aims to benefit humanity while also creating opportunities for future revenue and profit growth.