Press Release

Press Release Reference Number: MBA2020050301

Title: New Version of Artify HCM Released

Date: 3 May 2020

MBA Fakhro has released the latest version of its Artify HCM software to address the needs of US businesses in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The new Human Capital Management product includes a number of AI upgrades that make the product unique.  These features include the ability for employees to have video calls with one another through the platform and for the platform to convert the discussions on the calls from voice to text automatically to create minutes of meeting.  The product also includes an automated chatbot developed in Python to answer any questions that employees may have, and to learn from each interaction, in a way that will ultimately allow it to be the nerve center of the organization.  The product, which is cloud-based and available for trial at, also greatly simplifies the ability to clear payroll around the world for employees who work from home.

MBA Fakhro plans for the new version of Artify HCM to enhance the efficiency of companies in the US and around the world.  Developed at the company’s R&D labs in India, the Artify HCM product was developed with the US business in mind. 

A spokesperson for MBA Fakhro said on announcing the release: “We are a conglomerate that works to capture people’s imaginations and expand their horizons about what is possible.  The COVID pandemic has taught us to adapt as individuals and organizations, and this has made us at MBA Fakhro think about how our software products need to adapt to the new realities of the world.  The HCM products of today need to allow for better remote monitoring, payments, and claims, and need to be in line with the requirements of a decentralized organization that exists, in effect, in the cloud”.

MBA Fakhro is an innovation focused multinational group.  The group operates wholly owned businesses in various markets around the world.  The group aspires to change the world positively through innovation, and is a pioneer of research and development with many success stories through its R&D efforts in its information technology business segment.  In addition to Artify HCM, the group also owns a marketplace app named Dukakeen.  Both businesses were born out of its research and development labs and are now present across many markets.  It also owns an ecommerce marketplace platform focused on Africa named NileBuy, and one focused on India named BombayBuy.  Its research and development labs and innovation efforts form the core of the group across all of its business segments and represent the engine that creates many of the new businesses of the group.  In addition to information technology, the group also operates under the business segments of foods, infrastructure, education, health, media, mobility, and real estate. 

Artify HCM falls within the group’s future vision of creating better user experiences for people around the world through inventions and innovations.  Artify HCM falls under the Business Software business segment of MBA Fakhro, that is also working at the R&D stage on other projects that are yet to be announced, including Alchemist CRM and Algebra AI, among others.