Press Release Reference Number: MBA2021091501

Title: 3-3-3 Strategy Announced

Date: 15 September 2021

MBA Fakhro has announced its 3-3-3 strategy. Its 3-3-3 strategy represents its plan to have significant operations in 3 markets, across 3 verticals, over the next 3 years (2021 to 2024). The 3 key markets are the United States, India, and the Arabian Gulf.  The 3 overlapping verticals are financial intermediation, technology, and franchising. 

This is effectively the mission statement for the next three years for the company in its efforts to achieve its overall vision. Its overall vision is to be amongst the world’s top banking firms in terms of assets under management, revenue, net profits, or economic significance by 2088 (the 200th anniversary of the founding of the first Fakhro company in 1888).