Press Release

Press Release Reference Number: MBA2020082801

Title: AI Features Added to Artify HCM

Date: 28 August 2020

MBA Fakhro has added a number of AI related features to Artify HCM that are available in its latest release. These include an interview module that allows HR personnel to reduce the amount of time spent interviewing candidates through the use of AI.

The features, added by the Bangalore R&D team, allow candidates to answer computer generated questions in text, audio, or video, that are assessed using the software’s AI capabilities, and the required skillsets (such as confidence, speech clarify, or knowledge) for the specific job opening.

Another important addition is an AI powered chatbot available to all employees at large organization to answer to employees any of their questions about the organization that they work for. This includes questions that they may have about available leave days, company strategy, and other corporate information that the organization chooses to make available to them.

This allows large corporations to reduce the number of human interactions related to these matters and therefore enables organizations to operate more efficiently. It also helps to improve transfer of knowledge within an organization.