Press Release

Press Release Reference Number: MBA2020070501

Title: Dukakeen reaches 1000 Online Sellers

Date: 5 July 2020 is a Middle Eastern e-commerce marketplace that provides a platform for sellers from across the world to sell all kinds of electronics, furniture, home goods, groceries, and fashion products to customers in the Middle East.  As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many new sellers have joined the platform in order to reach their customers more effectively as many of their customers stay at home.

MBA Fakhro, the Bahrain headquartered group that owns, formed it as a business to focus on linking buyers and sellers from across the Middle East region.  The digital platform offers a huge variety of items sold by sellers from more than 20 countries, to their customers in the Middle East.  Traders, retailers, and manufacturers have listed more than a million products on the platform, sold by over 1000 traders, retailers, manufacturers and individuals, from India, China, the Middle East and Africa.  The Dukakeen website and app are now a major online shopping destination for any kind of product that customers shop.  

MBA Fakhro is an innovation focused multinational group, headquartered in Bahrain, with offices in India, the United States, and around the world.  The company operates wholly owned businesses in these markets.  MBA Fakhro Group aspires to change the world positively through innovation, and is unique in that it is one of very few privately owned businesses in the Gulf that place a strong emphasis on research and development.  Its research and development labs form the core of the group and represent the engine that creates many of the new businesses of the group. 

Dukakeen falls within this vision of creating better user experiences for the people of the world through technology. is regarded as a unique online market place for regional customers, as well as regional and international sellers, fulfilling their shopping requirements by offering satisfactory services.  With simple registration, easy navigation, a huge variety of products, effective delivery to the entire region, secure payment, voice recognition search, advanced data algorithms for shipping costs and product suggestions, and an effective English/Arabic user interface, the service has been developed with world class technology to provide a world class user experience.