About Us


To strengthen and reinforce our position as a leading, innovation-focused, privately-owned, family group, with a global footprint, over the coming generations. To be amongst the top, global, privately-owned, family groups, by 2088, the 200th anniversary of when the first Fakhro company was founded, in 1888.


To achieve this through a combination of operational excellence, customer service excellence, and an anticipation of technological and macroeconomic trends.

Executive Summary

MBA Fakhro Group is an innovation focused company with offices in North America (Silicon Valley), South Asia (Delhi, India and Kerala, India), the Middle East (Bahrain), Africa (Mauritius), and South East Asia (Singapore).

MBA Fakhro Group holds stakes in companies with diverse interests across the world. These companies are united in spirit by their ideas towards business success – that success in business is achieved only if it results in improving the lives of customers by offering them superior long-term value, thereby maximizing their utility.

MBA Fakhro Group holds, at its essence, a sense of its commitment to give back to the community by investing a part of its profits towards improving the lives of the people of the world.

MBA Fakhro Group is owned by Mohammed Adel Fakhro (Mo Fakhro), a member of the fifth generation of the Fakhro family business, a merchant family in Bahrain in the Middle East since 1888. The Fakhro family business tradition dates back to the great-great-grand-father of our Chairman, who started his trading business on Muharraq island, off the northern coast of Bahrain island towards the end of the 19th century. The skills of the trade were passed down over successive generations from father to son, together with the all-important values of hard work, honesty, and commitment to the community.

Today, armed with a young and ambitious team, MBA Fakhro Group has been able to rise from strength to strength by focusing on old fashioned business principles that have withstood the test of time. Our Chairman founded MBA Fakhro Group on June 11, 2000, the day he graduated from Stanford University in California. The Stanford spirit of innovation drives our efforts to improve the lives of the people of the World.