Business Name: CameroonCars

Business Segment: MBA Fakhro / Greenfield Capital / Ride Hailing

Year Founded: 2018

Fund Name: MBA Fakhro – Greenfield Capital One

Ownership: MBA Fakhro – Greenfield Capital One owns 100% of CameroonCars


Business Overview: CameroonCars is a peer-to-peer ride hailing app and website focused on the Cameroon market. There are (as of 2017) only 14 cars per 1000 people in Cameroon compared to the global average of approximately 182 cars per 1000 people. The country has a population of 24 million people and a population growth rate of 2.56%. Its population is the 16th fastest growing in the world. The plan for CameroonCars is for it to be a market leader in the peer-to-peer ride sharing space and to grow as the countries grows in the years to come. Africa is expected to transition by 2050 from a third world continent to being an economy that is larger than the economy of any single country in the world (larger than China, India, or the United States).