We now start a fantastic voyage.  We start our version of the American dream, as we reposition MBA Fakhro to be a Silicon Valley based global banking company.  I plan to spend every other month in Silicon Valley for some time, or half of my living hours.  It is the beginning of the realization of a dream I have had since I was 15 years old, to emulate during modern times, the journey of JP Morgan to America, and to banking prowess during the Second Industrial Revolution. 

I would like for some of the next batch of companies that we start under the Greenfield Capital unit of MBA Fakhro, to be bold and innovative.  I would like them to be Silicon Valley based, and to invoke cutting-edge technology, because I believe fundamentally that technological innovation is the primary driver of wealth creation within economies.  I will balance this with our more traditional investments in franchising that provide stable, reliable, and consistent cash flows in the primary markets in which we operate (the United States, India, and the Arabian Gulf). 

In Silicon Valley, we are thinking along the lines of starting a company that manufactures self driving, hydrogen powered drones, planes, and rockets (Nellford Aerospace) and another company to manufacture high performance hydrogen powered sports cars and hydrogen trucks (Corstan Automotive).  We will start a company that will work to cure cancer through genomics (Cure Cancer Company – C3) and one that will automate the work force through robotics (Lepton Robotics).  We will start a company to manufacture hydrogen powered ships (Tiger Maritime), and another to build the next generation of trains (Cornelius Hyperloop).  If that sounds crazy then that is good, for I believe that if your dreams don’t sound crazy, then they are not big enough, and not worth having.

While MBA Fakhro will be Silicon Valley based, it will rely heavily on technology support from India and so I will alternate my time between Silicon Valley, Bangalore, and my traditional business base of Bahrain.  It will not be easy, but I have no doubt that when our story is told we will say that it was worth it.

Mo Fakhro,

Managing Partner,

MBA Fakhro

Q3 2021