MBA Fakhro is led by Mo Fakhro, the owner and Executive Chairman of the firm. He is guided by the core economic objective for MBA Fakhro, to achieve extraordinary returns by predicting macroeconomic trends and allocating capital to monetize those predictions. He has spent a good part of his life working hard in pursuit of fulfilling that objective.

Mo is a location agnostic business owner.  He carries his laptop everywhere and is constantly working.  He splits his time equally (albeit virtually) between the main offices of MBA Fakhro around the world. He is largely a virtual business owner who conducts most meetings, communications, follow ups, and transactions on “the cloud” (by email, net banking, video conferencing, audio, text, etc) irrespective of where he is physically located. He often spends most of his time on virtual video calls with employees, clients, and partners around the world.

He has positioned MBA Fakhro to be a major financial firm that has a significant impact on global economic development. This macroeconomic goal is pursued daily by positioning new companies and capital to take advantage of future economic trends.


He is a lifelong learner, who dedicates a significant amount of his afterhours time to furthering his knowledge in a number of fields, with a focus on financial economics.

He has attained, is in the process of attaining, or is a candidate for, the following academic degrees:

Stanford University, Bachelor of Arts, Conferred with Departmental Honors, Economics (1997 – 2000)

Harvard University, Masters of Liberal Arts, Finance (2021 – 2023)

University of Cambridge, Masters (Candidate), Accounting (2021 – 2024)

University of Oxford, Doctorate (Candidate), Economics, Financial Economics (2021 – 2027)