Founder & CEO

Mo Fakhro at a Seminar to Prospective Stanford Students

MBA Fakhro is led by its founder, Mo Fakhro, who conceptualized the primary objective for the group, to achieve extraordinary returns on investment by predicting macroeconomic trends and allocating capital to ride the wave of those predictions, while still in his dorm room in college. He has spent a good part of his life working hard in pursuit of fulfilling that objective.

Mo is a location agnostic CEO.  He carries his laptop and mobile everywhere and is constantly working.  He splits his time equally between the main offices of MBA Fakhro but he is largely a virtual CEO who conducts most meetings, communications, follow ups, and transactions on “the cloud” (by email, net banking, video conferencing, audio, text, etc) irrespective of where he is physically located at any given time.

He aspires to lead MBA Fakhro LLC to be a major global conglomerate that has a significant impact on global economic development. This macroeconomic goal is pursued daily by positioning new companies and capital to take advantage of future economic trends.

He is a life long learner, and has completed numerous courses and read numerous books in computer programming, creative writing, biology, technology, and management. He regularly takes courses online in blockchain, machine learning, IOT, management, and finance at his alma mater, Stanford. He is currently enrolled at MIT‘s MicroMasters in Finance program, and Harvard‘s Data Analysis for Life Sciences program, and is in the process of attaining an ACCA (Chartered Accountant) and CFA qualification.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, with Honors, from Stanford University (Class of 2000).

To learn more about him, or to connect with him, you can visit his personal website here.