123 Ventures

123 Ventures, conceptualized 123 years after the first Fakhro company was founded in 1888, with a plan to be a market leader for the next 123 years, is focused on identifying opportunities, initiating ventures, and making investments in technologies that will be the next big thing. The company’s areas of interest include robotics, space travel, autonomous travel, websites/apps, internet of things, three dimensional printing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, healthcare, media, drone technologies, genomics, and nanopore technology. The company is based in Singapore and has the following interests:

Amal Media

MBA Fakhro Group invested in Amal Media in 2002.The company was developed over a period of five years to be a leading producer and distributor of Arabic music.MBA Fakhro Group exited the investment in 2006.

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Rhapsody Life Sciences

Rhapsody Life Sciences is an India based company that aims to be a key player in emerging markets in South Asia and Africa. The company aims to work on partnerships with leading global biotechs to distribute and market their products in India and Africa.

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Stem Cell Arabia

Born out of the need of parents to secure their children’s health, Stem Cell Arabia is developing a stem cell storage business to cater to parents in the Middle East.

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