Technology Manufacturing

The Technology Manufacturing entities of MBA Fakhro Group consist of Nellford Aerospace, Phoenix Rising Group, Lepton Robotics, Tiger Maritime, Cornelius Hyperloop, and Corstan Automotive.

Nellford Aerospace

Nellford Aerospace is a Silicon Valley based company that plans to be at the cutting edge of the next generation of aerospace companies. It aims to focus on manufacturing drones as well as manufacturing the next generation of commercial suborbital travel that will allow people to travel from Paris to New York in under one hour.

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Lepton Robotics

Lepton Robotics, based out of Silicon Valley, aims to develop robots that utilize artificial intelligence to accomplish tasks currently performed by humans.

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Cornelius Hyperloop

Cornelius Hyperloop, based out of Silicon Valley, is a proposed entity to develop, sell to, and manage hyperloops for various governments around the world

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Phoenix Rising Group

Phoenix Rising Group was formed by MBA Fakhro Group to bring innovative environmental industries to the region, to allow the stakeholders of the business to benefit financially while also benefitting the environment.

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Tiger Maritime

Tiger Maritime, based out of Silicon Valley, with design offices in Silicon Valley, manufacturing facilities in India, and management oversight in Bahrain, aims to disrupt the shipping industry by building yachts that utilize solar and battery power to produce cutting edge yachts both in terms of design as well as in terms of technology.

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Corstan Automotive

Corstan Automotive is a Silicon Valley based company focused on developing world class high performance, electric powered sports cars

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