Voyager IT Solutions

Voyager IT Solutions Pvt Ltd (Voyager) is a leading software development company based out of India, with regional offices in Silicon Valley, Bahrain, and Singapore, that creates software products for businesses in the US, Europe, and Asia through a network of resellers. Voyager has evolved into a company that develops a number of products including Voyager ERP, Voyager HRMS, Voyager Foodie, Voyager ChatBot, Voyager Driver, Voyager CRM, and Voyager Auto.

Below is a description of each of the products:

  • – Voyager ERP: A web-based ERP product that can meet the needs of large scale companies
  • – Voyager HRMS: An HR and payroll management product
  • – Voyager Foodie: A online and app ordering platform for restaurants that allow them to have their own restaurant delivery app connected to their kitchen and their drivers
  • – Voyager ChatBot: A chat bot that allows companies to communicate with their customers through text and audio using a chatbot
  • – Voyager Driver: A driver management solution for logistics companies that utilizes mobile technology to efficiently manage and monitor logistics assets
  • – Voyager CRM: A sophisticated CRM that utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance the interaction between a company and its customers
  • – Voyager Auto: A comprehensive software product geared towards the automotive distribution vertical that integrates all of the processes of the company while utilizing AI to predict consumer needs
  • – Voyager Social: A social media platform that allows companies, schools, or other organizations to have their own social media networks to allow for social interactions and communication between members of the organization

The company also develops and maintains the websites and apps of MBA Fakhro Group

Over the coming years, Voyager aims to continue to grow in its effort to build a leading position in the global business software industry. To learn more please visit